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I help people tap into their full vocal expression, releasing long-held blocks. Voice work is an efficient, powerful modality that bypasses the mind and goes to the core of who you are. From a simple practice of making sound 10 minutes a day, clients experience stress relief, more energy, and a sense of calm. 

Who I help:

You have a longing to connect with your full voice. You feel that you are shut down, and only express a fraction of your vocal potential.  You have a deep longing to feel free in your expression, but feel stifled, held back, ashamed, of fearful of using your voice. You know there is a tremendous power there, but you don’t know how to access it. 

Who I am:

A voice teacher and sound healer with over 12 years of experience.  I have developed my own voice work that combines principles of sound healing, the therapeutic modalities of Hakomi and RCS,  and collaborative vocal improvisation. My specialty is helping people use their voice for their own healing and for the healing of others and the earth. It brings me great delight to help people access more freedom, power, and joy in their lives through expressing the full range of their vocal expression. 

Benefits of voice work:

Increased confidence, a feeling of empowerment, clarity, more energy, an ability to use your voice for your own healing. Voice work teaches you how to drop into your body, your truth, and your heart.

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