Using Voice as a Tool of Transformation

I have a deep love for transformation. Uncovering and accessing the hidden jewel. Whether it's through helping someone use their voice in a new way, bring a future possibility into form, or create beauty and harmony in the their home, helping people create positive change in their lives brings me a lot of joy. 

We live in an incredible time of disruption, rapid change, and innovation. How to harness the forces of change to create beauty, healing, and growth in our own lives and in our communities? The obstacles are many right now, and the resources to meet these challenges have never been more available. Crisis can be clarifying, making it easier to let go of what is not important, to focus on what gives true meaning to life. My work is in service to helping people access more freedom and power in their lives to create a world that is life giving, nurturing, and sustainable.  

                Voice as Resource

              Voice as Resource


  • Relieves stress
  • Releases stuck emotions
  • Shifts state of consciousness
  • Creates clarity and insight
                Life Coaching

              Life Coaching

Transformation is exciting and vulnerable. Finding the right kind of support is essential when you are making a change.  I love helping people create a new path.