Try a free 20 minute sound session.

I offer two types of voice sessions via Skype. One is a series of chants and sacred sounds that cultivate resource and resilience. The other is sounding from the body and emotions, allowing energy to move.

If you prefer structure, I listen to what you would like help with, and then come up with a sound prescription that may include mantra or sacred sounds.  Sound is so nourishing and efficient, and can really help you feel a sense of clarity and internal peace.

If you prefer to follow what emerges, then I guide you in a series of witnessed soundings where you sound from an emotion, a part of the body, or an issue. It’s an amazing embodiment practice, allowing you to get in touch with the wisdom of the body.  People are often surprised how much can shift. Making sound embodies what you are feeling, and experiencing an emotion in its fullness allows it to transform.  This is a good choice if you’re in a difficult situation or needing to release an emotion.

Sessions are generally in the evenings 5-8(MST), or Saturdays 9-11(MST). Please tell me which time(s) you prefer.

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