Your Voice is a Healing Resource

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Voice is a mainline, one of the most powerful and vulnerable aspects of ourselves that goes right to the core of who we are. This is why it's such a potent tool of transformation. We hold so much in our bodies, and making sound is incredibly efficient in releasing long held emotions and limiting beliefs. And it feels great!  Clients are often surprised about how nourishing it feels and how quickly sound can transform emotions and states of consciousness. 

What is a voice session like?

A voice session is different for every person, and is tailored to your particular needs. I will guide you in vocal explorations that address what you would like to work on. Some clients prefer to make sound alone, while others feel more comfortable if I provide background tones. Part of the transformative nature of the work is being witnessed in a safe container. For those who are already comfortable with sound, it can be good to start with a 5-10 minute sounding to see what is most present. For others, talking for 5-10 minutes about a particular issue, and then making sound is a better option. It is an unfolding process, as new layers surface to be expressed and released. 



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“For me, it was being "held” so completely and safely and securely and lovingly that I could make any noise or not or be any part of me - silent or expressed, in any shape or form or mood.  Held and then nudged, ever so gently, but nudged none-the-less to just peer at my edge, my personal cliff of fear, and notice someone there with me, supporting me, guiding me. Wow!  I heard my voice - I HAVE A VOICE!  This realization is a true benefit.  And I am respecting my voice as much as others.  I am speaking more freely, and confidently.  I am sharing my voice more with everyone and actually starting to enjoy the sound of it!  I have started to include sounding/toning as therapeutic release, some days I feel like I need to get something out, express myself, and our sessions have created a new avenue to explore and release and heal.“                                                                                                               Brianne LaBauve


"Shay Nichols is an incredible and unusual voice teacher. The voice is a very delicate and sensitive tool that is hard to open up under judgment, stress, perfectionism, or years of negative feedback. It's also an intensely effective healing tool. Most voice teachers are very traditional in having you work on technique with scales and specific songs or types of singing. Shay is unusual in that her whole approach honors what naturally comes out of you, and she knows how to use the voice in spiritually/emotionally healing ways.  Her teaching is so gentle and safe--I took a workshop of hers where nervous/inexperienced singers happened to be with pros, and everyone felt equal and at home, discovering things about their voices and feeling transformed by the end!"                                                                          Caroline Fourmy        


“ I had the best time and feel relieved of a build up of creative energy that needed a safe space to express its self . Shay, with her gentle wisdom and guidance create a beautiful home in her workshop to unfold in, with out an ounce of judgment to slow down the experience. We went deep sea diving into the underworld of creatures and then flew with the Angels, to then land on our feet in the whimsical world with more of our heart and soul intact"        Lauren Grace