Space Clearing

I help people clear and re-organize their space, making room for more beauty and freedom in their lives. Decluttering creates a tangible improvement, removing obstacles in your home and also in your life. I help people make space for the new, transforming their lives during times of transition.

Who I Help:

People who are overwhelmed, e.g. overwhelmed moms, overwhelmed caregivers

People who have experienced the loss of a loved one and are faced with the task of taking care of their things

People who are moving or downsizing

Who I am:

An organizing professional with a therapeutic background. I understand the emotional needs of my clients during space clearing, and provide clarity, spaciousness, and support during the process. I create a space where you can see and feel what is essential. It brings me great delight to help people access more freedom and power in their lives through letting go of what they no longer need.

Benefits of Space Clearing:

Space clearing physicalizes the changes you want to make. Letting go of things sends a clear message you’re ready for something new, that you're willing to see your life in a new way. Essentializing creates freedom which creates inspiration. 

Please contact me for a free consultation to find out more about how I can help you create more space in your life.

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Shay, THANK YOU! Since our session last week, I have donated several boxes of books, several boxes of clothes, toys, kitchen stuff and I am not finished yet! It has been invigorating to look at things that occupy space in our home in such a new light. Instead of feeling trapped by them I feel liberated to choose if they stay or go. 

I love your idea that things need to find their owner. This idea has inspired me to let go of things I don't love, and I have so much more energy as a result. 

Ultimately, your work helped me feel so much more at home in my home! After seven years here I finally feel at home- WHAT A GIFT to me, my partner, and our children! THANK YOU form the bottom of my heart!

-Kate Robinson, Austin, TX


THIS MORNING I AM WAKING UP TO A CLEAR HOUSE!!!! Dear friend and Shaman Clearing Angel, Shay Nichols swooped down on my house and plucked me from the swamp of disorder and crocodiles of chaos. This was no small feat! After focusing on my mom's stuff for so long and neglecting so much of my own, I was at a point where I could not make progress without extreme confusion and fatigue. I say Shaman Clearing Angel because she also worked some voodoo on the nooks and crannies of my mind where the rust was creeping in and blocking my vision! 2 weeks of work (interspersed with singing and nature and studio time) and I feel revived. Lots still to do but now I feel like I am back on the super highway of possibility-- able to keep going with it and clearing the path to a new era. THANK YOU SHAY!!!!

-Laurel Murphy, Vancouver, BC