The Power of Resource

     What you identify with you become.  Times of transition are unstable and create a lot of anxiety, and are also ripe with possibilities. Often when we attempt to make a change,  there is resistance. Old beliefs and limitations surface from childhood. These strategies don’t reflect the truth of who we are, yet it is all too easy to identify with them.  They served a very useful purpose then, and now they prevent us from growing and experiencing the world in a new way. 

     The first step is to disidentify yourself from your habits and strategies.  One of the fastest ways to do this is to connect with your essential self.  What do I mean by essential self? The part of you that is connected, expansive, flowing, and vibrantly alive.  Think about the times when you feel most alive, most connected—those are the pathways to resource. Coming back to resource, again and again, is essential.  Some of my favorite ways to connect to resource are practicing mindfulness, making sound, dancing, and taking walks in nature.