Life Coaching

The Art of Making a Change

      Many of my clients are unsatisfied with an aspect of their lives. They are longing for something more. Fulfilling work, creative expression, more inspired relationships. They often feel stuck, not knowing exactly what they want, or not knowing how to make it happen. 

       Our deepest longings are there for a reason. It’s the persistent knowing of the soul. Our longings are often connected to our deepest values, to what is most important to us. Love, beauty, freedom, transformation, being of service. The first step is to create the space to get clear about what you desire. What do you most want to create in your life and why? 

How I Work

      The path of transformation is different for everyone. I listen for what is emerging, and help you to clarify what you most desire and take meaningful action steps.  I frequently use a transformational method called RCS, which stands for Re-Creation of the Self.  Essential to this work is the idea that we are innately whole, yet we often spend too much time in limiting trance states that keep us stuck. Much like the Wizard of Oz, the seeds of the qualities that we want to create are within us. Therefore creating change is less about striving and overcoming obstacles, and more about spending time cultivating and stabilizing what is already whole. I also use embodiment techniques including mindfulness, the Hakomi method, and voice work.

       Support is critical to success. It is through sharing with others that our greatest strengths emerge. I consider the coaching process a collaboration, of finding the best way to support you in making the changes you desire, and providing a framework for the consistency and commitment that are needed when creating something new.

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