Tuning Into Nature, July 28th 10-5 pm

Kerhonkson, New York


What happens when we listen deeply to nature? In this workshop, we will explore connecting to the earth with sound, movement, and silence. Discover the process of rewilding your voice, allowing natural music to emerge. Dropping into the senses, we will deepen our awareness of the natural world. We will collaborate with nature and allow her mystery and beauty to infuse our musical creations.
The art of vocal improvisation strips away layers and reveals the vulnerability and power of your natural, true voice. It’s a wellspring of inspiration. You sing the deep truths of the moment. When you tap in, it’s spellbinding. 
We will explore spontaneous sounding and song creation in community, playing with rhythm, textures, melody, and harmony. Singing heals and enlivens us. It brings life to our creativity. We sing our prayers. We come into the organic self, allowing a nourishing river to flow.

Voice and Body, with Dancer Lauren Tietz, September 22nd, 10-5 pm

Austin, Texas

Dive into the nourishment of movement and sound
Connect with the wisdom of your resonant nature
Restore body, mind and heart

Please join us to explore the richness of the healing arts of voice and movement!
Supported by each other and by the land we will tap into
curiosity, playfulness, beauty and power.

Feel how sound & movement can be used to nurture ourselves, creating opportunities for deep relaxation, release and renewal.

Engage with
- Explorations of Movement & Voice
- Authentic Movement Practice
- Sound Healing
- Personal Reflective Writing
- Verbal Sharing
- Time in Nature

Sounding the Soul, TBA

Experience the healing power of your voice and the joy of improvised singing.

For thousands of years, mantras have been used to heal the body and mind and connect with spirit. In this intro evening we will explore Sanskrit mantras and chants as vibrational tools to open the body and voice. From this centred place, we will play with spontaneous-music making, finding melodies and harmonies together in a potent circle of sound.

For all levels of singers wanting to deepen their connection to their voice.