Do you have a deep longing to express your voice in its full power, vulnerability, and color?

Do you want to learn presence through singing?

Do you want to create community through harmony and prayer?

Do you want to be healed with the gentle power of sound and the loving attention of others?

In this work, we experience great softness, hugeness, fragility, and depth. It brings magic, healing, beauty that is beyond..an aliveness that nourishes our core. It’s a wellspring of inspiration. It heals and enlivens us. It brings life to our creativity. We sing our prayers. We come into the authentic self, allowing a nourishing river to flow. 

“In my best moments, improvisation is like a clear river running through me, a deep calm at the center of my being, a feeling of being in harmony with the world. With improvisation, we never know when the river is going to flow through us. When it does, it’s sublime. It’s a practice of making ourselves available. You ride the current of music. It’s thrilling, unpredictable, and nourishing beyond words.” 

Shay Nichols

In this two-day deep-dive into the transformative art of Vocal Improvisation, we will:

-Connect with our deepest selves through the voice

-Learn tools for collaborative improvisation

-Learn to weave sound baskets and create emergent music in the present moment

-Cultivate our capacity to solo with surrender and skill, moving beyond fear 

-Learn how to improvise with words;  let the poetic dream-time sing

-Do sound healing together

-Pray for what we desire in ourselves and in the universe and our world

This workshop is for people who love to sing, who are eager to explore their range of expression, and who are comfortable with pitch and rhythm. This work was developed by Shay, Green and other members of  The Elements - a 5 piece acapella vocal improvisation group. www.theelementsmusic.com.  And with the training and mentorship of master Vocal Improvisor Rhiannon www.rhiannonmusic.com. Shay and Green have been singing together for 13 years.

Weekend 1 Oct 5-6  2019

Saturday October  5  1:00 - 6:00

Sunday October  6 10:00 - 5:00

Weekend 2 Nov 9-10  2019

Saturday November 2  1:00-6:00

Sunday November 3  10:00-5:00

Workshops will be held in a spacious airy studio in the Sawtooth Building in Berkeley, CA.

If this all sounds intriguing but you don’t know quite what we are talking about, we are offering... a 


Spring Fall Studio, The Sawtooth Building,  930 Dwight Way

PLEASE RSVP Email shay2323@hotmail.com or call 510-593-3490 

$280 per weekend if paid before September 15,  2019 

(EARLY BIRD pricing)

$460 for BOTH weekends if paid before September 15 2019 

$380 per weekend if paid after September 15. 

Discount if you bring a friend!  Inquire.

Email shay2323@hotmail.com or call 510-593-3490 to register!  

“I had the best time and felt relieved of a build up of creative energy that needed a safe space to express its self . I found a beautiful home in the workshop to unfold in, without an ounce of judgment to slow down the experience."    Lauren Grace  

 “I came away feeling deeply relaxed and connected to myself and the world around me. I am extremely grateful to Shay, Briony and Green for this wonderful, uplifting experience. I highly recommend their workshops and I will definitely be joining them for more!" Jasmine Granas

 “As a singer who draws much of her orientation towards song via spirit, I found the work very satisfying and nourishing.  The sounding exercises helped me to continue to open up worlds of creativity. My system was in a state of “wired and tired” due to recent stress, and as a sensitive being, I was able to ground gently and thoroughly using the sounding methods practiced.  Each time I attend, I feel I deepen my trust in myself, the human experience, and in the beautiful capacities we have as souls in the bodies of women.”  Molly McSwiggin

Collaborative Vocal Improvisation

I love this art form because it teaches people how to drop into their bodies, their truth, their hearts, and connect from that place and create beautiful music together. We nurture each other with sound-- the body and spirit soak it up. It is a balm in these word heavy times, when people are exhausted by polarization, the news, and a general lack of listening.  It teaches us to be generous, to provide support for someone to soar and express their truth. It teaches us to drop into a deeper intelligence, to listen to where the music wants to go. 

Upcoming Workshops:

Tuning Into Nature, Santa Fe, NM  9:30-1:30 pm

What happens when we listen deeply to nature? In this workshop, we will explore connecting to the earth with sound, movement, and silence. Discover the process of rewilding your voice, allowing natural music to emerge. Dropping into the senses, we will deepen our awareness of the natural world. We will collaborate with nature and allow her mystery and beauty to infuse our musical creations.
The art of vocal improvisation strips away layers and reveals the vulnerability and power of your natural, true voice. It’s a wellspring of inspiration. You sing the deep truths of the moment. When you tap in, it’s spellbinding. 
We will explore spontaneous sounding and song creation in community, playing with rhythm, textures, melody, and harmony. Singing heals and enlivens us. It brings life to our creativity. We sing our prayers. We come into the organic self, allowing a nourishing river to flow.