Bringing new energy and freedom into your life through Space Clearing

     My friend called me last fall. She is a creative genius, a beautiful singer with a huge heart who had spent the last 15 years caring for her mother who lived downstairs and had recently passed away. She was overwhelmed with her mom’s possessions that needed to be sorted, plus her own backlog of taxes, recording projects, cat hair, etc. “Help!  I'm completely bogged down and overwhelmed!”  I flew to Vancouver and spent two weeks helping her clear and organize every room in her house. 

     In clearing, building momentum is key. So we started with something manageable-- the hall closet, full of shoes and warm jackets. Soon, there was room to spare and we even discovered a long forgotten jacket hiding in the back. The benefits were immediate. 

     I acted as a friendly angel guide, whispering the questions, "Do you love this?" or "When was the last time you used this?" and "What future would you like to create now?” I gently encouraged her to keep only what she loved. 

     What did she want her space to look and feel like? With this vision in mind, it became easier to let go of books, clothing, old papers, and outdated electronics that were weighing her down. Each day we worked together, her space started reflecting more of her present desires than the baggage of the past.  And finally her studio, once buried in piles of unopened mail, was transformed back into a creative sanctuary and recording studio.

     Space clearing is one of the most tangible, efficient ways to create change in your life. Maybe this is why I love it. The process helps you prioritize, and get really clear about what’s important to you. And it’s a physical process where you can immediately see and experience the benefits.  I help my clients develop the skill of picking up an object, without thinking or analyzing, and knowing whether it belongs in their life.  Soon, it becomes obvious whether it brings you joy, or something else. And we don’t need the something else.  

     How many times have you heard someone say “I have too much on my plate.” Or, “I don’t have enough time.” or “I don’t have space for that in my life right now.” The problem is not enough space, and it’s as true in our minds and our spiritual life as it is in our closets. In his book, “5 Tibetan Warrior Seed Syllables,” Tenzin Wingyal Rinpoche begins with the practice of singing the syllable “Ah,” inviting the element of space into a problem or an issue. He describes space as “the ground of our being. To recognize our open and pure being, we first connect with space.”  Creating space in your home creates space in your life and makes room for more beauty, joy and creativity. 

     I offer Space Clearing sessions all over the world. Clients sign up when I’m already visiting their town for a period of time, or make a special request for me to travel to their town for a Space Clearing session. The projects can be small, like one closet, or as large as a whole building. I love helping people let go of things, freeing up their space and their lives. I like to think of myself as a kind of Mary Poppins(who I played in the 4th grade), swooping in, helping people create change, and then leaving when things are in order.  The process feels magical and liberating. 

     If you would like to experience the benefits of space clearing, email me for a free consultation.