Finding the Yes in the No

     Have you ever had an experience of your inner judge? Complaining about something in a tone that is not very kind, a bit demanding, maybe even punishing? The judge often presents in the form of a no. No, this is not acceptable. No,  I deserve better than this. No, this is wrong. 

     Recently, after quite a visceral experience of the judge, I stopped and asked, what is it that you want? The answer-health, sustainability, beauty, love. I realized that the judge is often an advocate with a terrible bedside manner.  Under the resistance to the current circumstances, there was a knowing of what felt right and good. Once I honored the knowing underneath the harshness, something relaxed. Energy returned, and I felt a yes energize my body. Yes, I will take a stand for health, sustainability, beauty, and love. I feel the rightness of that in my bones. I am walking in the direction of that which supports and nurtures life.  I allow that energy to fill me with a sense of purpose and momentum. And in that moment the no turned into a yes, the judgment turned into a sense of conviction. 

     I see this frustration and judgment in the collective. An anguish that there is a lot happening that is not right, that does not support basic human goodness and love. And the strength that arises, we must resist. Yet I know the energy of resistance is not sustainable. It is exhausting.   

     The energy of for is much more powerful than against.  This was shown powerfully in the Chilean film “No,” about the campaign to defeat dictator Augusto Pinochet in Chile’s 1988 referendum. At first, the “No” campaign focuses on the suffering of people under Pinochet with harrowing stories of torture and oppression.  Then, they hire an advertising professional who convinces them to focus on the joy and freedom the people will experience if they vote “No.”  Through the jubilant nature of the ads for “No,” they feel the rightness of the kind of leadership that they deserve, and they begin to taste their freedom. They triumphed, with 56% of the vote. 

     During this time of upheaval, may we find the yes and unite.