What is true power?

When there are so many examples of false power around, it's good to feel what power really is.

When I think of power, I like to think of nature and the elements. What is the power of fire? of water? of earth? And how are these expressed? Power can be a fierce clap of thunder to wake people up out of distraction. Power can be a steady hand. Power can be a tender balm to soothe weary hearts. What these expressions of power have in common is that they are on behalf of--always in service to--the whole.

True power is that which heals and connects, showing the interrelatedness of all things. True power is in the truth. True power is in the heart. True power is in harmony with the laws of the universe, which means it is life-giving and generous. True power liberates. 

Power is vulnerability. And, vulnerability is power.

Voice is a gateway to our power and vulnerability. Vocal expression brings what is inside to the outside. Sound bypasses the mind and connects to our body’s wisdom. It goes right to the heart of the matter, piercing through the layers of our defenses, to our deepest truths and to our power. When I work with clients, they are often surprised by what they experience in their voice. There is always a feeling of deep recognition, of a resource they have barely tapped into, of a tender strength.

The next time you’re feeling powerless by the latest political scandal or event in the news, try taking a moment and making a sound. You can even lightly ask the question, what is the true nature of power? I believe this is part of breaking the spell of the current overwhelm and anxiety in the world right now. When we dare to share our love, that is one of the most powerful things in the world.  

Feel free to share your insights here.