The Gift of Crisis

     Crisis is clarifying. I've been saying this a lot in the past few months during a family crisis. During my father's long recovery from a serious injury, there was no room for doubt or distraction. The stakes were too high. The gift of crisis is that it brings to the surface what is important, and everything else drops away. It's similar to birth and death, there is only one thing happening. It's a potent time. It sounds strange to say, but in our era of distraction, this singularity of focus is a welcome relief.

     Not only did crisis reveal what was important to me, I was forced to drop into what I know to be true about life. That life is for us. That love is the most powerful force in the universe. As Ernest Holmes says, "Create or perish is the eternal mandate of nature...Would it not be more simple to say that finally things work out for the best only when they are life giving." Knowing this in my bones gave me access to a strength and courage I didn't know that I had. Pessimism was a luxury that I couldn't afford. When everything around me was unstable, the only thing I could cultivate was the stability of my own heart and mind. 

     There is a lot of fear and chaos in the collective right now. Many people feel that we are in a time of crisis on this planet, and I am inclined to agree. I recently spoke to a biology professor about funding sources for research projects. He talked about funds drying up. I said money will come from other sources that are deeply connected to the work. He looked at me in disbelief, “I’m going to be honest, I don’t have that core of optimism in my body. And I said, “I don’t know if I do either, but I don’t have a choice.”

      This is not about Pollyanna or spiritual bypass. Am I scared? Yes. Do I feel grief for what is being lost? Yes. And I know that my inner resource is all the more precious in times of great instability. I drop into what I know about life. The creative principle is always operating. That someone or something has power over me only if I give it to them. That there is a greater arc happening in terms of the power of the collective. That it’s possible for us to find principles we can unite around. Living principles that honor the earth, the feminine, the masculine, and the incredible diversity of life on this planet. 

       In my coaching practice, I am more committed than ever to helping people access the resources that are revealed in times of transition.