The Power of Singing From


      Singing from is another way to give voice to parts of ourselves that need attention.  It’s deceptively simple. An easy way to begin is to sing from different parts of your body, especially places that have tension. If you don’t know how, try making one sound.  The body knows, and is only waiting for our permission. The sounds are often surprising, sometimes humorous, sometimes powerful.  It’s one of the best forms of release that I know, and a really helpful tool when there is some kind of block. Making sound from stuck places allows movement and can help relieve symptoms of tension or pain.

     When I started this practice I often felt a moment of fear or anxiety, what’s going to happen if I give voice to that?! This moment of hesitation or resistance is part of what makes this practice so powerful. Sometimes the sounds were ‘ugly,’ yet they felt so good.  I grew to love these ‘ugly’ sounds,  changing my mind about what ‘ugly’ was. It was so liberating to explore the whole spectrum of the human voice and to allow its wisdom and efficiency.