Singing is how I pray, how I celebrate being alive, how I express the depths of my love for the earth and all beings.  I love exploring the infinite tones of the emotional landscape.  I love the voice in all its forms, its intimacy, its nakedness, its wild versatility and unpredictability. For me, listening to someone’s voice is listening to their soul. 

In my early days of vocal improvisation, my singing buddy called me the town crier. With a certain harmonic bed and slow rhythm, I sang  with an urgency and intensity that surprised me.  In those moments it felt like I was expressing a love and a longing that was much bigger than me. Something was singing me.  I love this aspect of singing, of being a truth teller, of reaching beneath the surface and becoming a messenger for what we all carry but is so often unexpressed. 

In 2010, I began creating songs for my first album. I spent time at the Marin Headlands, Big Sur, Harbin Hot Springs, and Nevada City, improvising and recording in natural environments.  The songs continued to create themselves right up until recording, often finding new forms in the process. I am creating recorded music that still carries the aliveness I so love about improvisation, and creating song forms that reflect the organicity of the soundscapes found in nature.

I’ve been teaching voice workshops since 2008 and love helping people discover the unique colors and textures of their voice.